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    August 8, 2011 Animated Media Releases Media Center 3D

    Our Media Center 3D demo shows Flash animations on an OpenGL moving menu in a 3D scene. We focused on implementing this capability in menus, but the technology can be used throughout your UI in apps and games. The combining of 3D animation with Flash content (animations & video), where 3D objects move in 3D space with Flash content textured on the surfaces, brings an entire new capability to UI design. Animated Media has enabled countless design options by turning static, lifeless 2D user interfaces into vibrant and dynamic 3D user experiences.  See the video on our YouTube channel at Read More...

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    July 12, 2011 LiveMobile Launched

    We've been in stealth mode developing a prototype mobile application for a Hollywood producer.  But we can officially announce that LiveMobile is now available to you.  LiveMobile is a customizable mobile application that captures and manages video streams in a Flash-based UI.  LiveMobile is enabled by Animated Media's multimedia development suite, the VGK Platform and its innovative ability to deploy Flash content across mobile, consumer and digital home platforms and dynamically manage content to the full capabilities of the underlying hardware -- enabling multi-stream video playback at the highest performance possible.  Another feature set supported by the VGK Platform is the ability to access video websites such as YouTube, compile video lists and enable selection and playback of multiple videos on one screen.  For more information, see the LiveMobile Products page. Read More...

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    June 1, 2011 Animated Media Contributes to Mobile Developer's Guide 8th Ed.

    Just released!  Check out the latest Mobile Developer's Guide to the Galaxy, 8th Ed., a project produced by Enough Software in conjunction with WIP, The Wireless Industry Partnership.  AMI's CEO, Chris Brady, authored the chapter on Flash development.  For more information on thie project and to download an electronic copy, see


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    May 8, 2011 Animated Media Adds to the VGK Platform

    Recap on Animated Media's latest VGK product news:

    On April 26th, Animated Media released its first Flash 3D demo on itsYouTube channel which demonstrated joining 3D and Flash together - enabling animations to be used as a texture on 3D objects with GPU acceleration.  With this latest innovation, AMI can offer advanced UI and design options in a 3D enhanced or virtual world to bring that WOW Factor to any application.

    On March 23rd, Animated Media introduced its new YouTube video WIM (World Interface Module) to support native applications with browser-like functionality.  Features include capturing video, playback from local storage, upload and download of videos from a website, and the exchange of multimedia content with friends and family.  Application developers for mobile, broadcast and embedded devices can now enable access to a YouTube webpage and its list of videos and descriptions, under full control of a native application. Single and multiple video stream playback is supported within the same user interface at the highest performance with the underlying hardware, ensuring a rich multimedia experience for the consumer.

    Animated Media's VGK platform and WIM extensions continue to deliver new functionality from the domain of web browsers. With the increasing migration towards applications on low-power devices, Animated Media's development suite is ideal for creating compelling and display scalable applications, using the strengths of Flash and internet access to provide a vibrant user experience to any size of device or screen.


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    March 6, 2011 Animated Media is an Ontario Success Story!

    Thanks to the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Trade for a great article on Animated Media and its success in export markets. Read the full story at

    Ontario, Canada software firm puts the "Flash" in mobile ... Animated Media Inc. building a business around solving Flash's shortcomings in small mobile and portable devices.

    Snippets from the article:
    Animated Media Inc. is a fan of Adobe's Flash software for creating and viewing graphics, animations, and videos. But the Toronto-based company has built its business around solving Flash's shortcomings in small mobile and portable devices. "Flash works great in PCs," explains Chris Brady, President and CEO of Animated Media, "but it has its limitations in low-power devices."

    The company then used the services of the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Trade to help it launch in target market segments including consumer devices – tablets, toys, handheld and portable devices and digital cameras and mobile devices – smart phones and feature phones, as well as broadcast – set-top boxes, digital TV and Internet TV.

    Brady praised the services offered by International Marketing Consultants at the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade. "They were invaluable in helping us get our foot in the door in export markets," says Brady. "They gave us exposure that resulted in new contracts, sales leads and partner discussions."