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    May 15, 2012 Customizable Keyboard for Mobile Apps

    We've been working hard this Spring on new components to use with the VGK Platform in apps development.  Our latest addition is our in-app keyboard which is fully customizable. Keyboard features include: 

    • Support special buttons & characters not available on standard system keyboards 
    • Implement any "look and feel" to the layout and keys
    • Use keyboard pop-up boxes to enable better usability
    • Include just the keys needed for your specific purposes
    • Change the text and layout dynamically and/or by user selection
    • Support different languages easily with one keyboard

    See the e-blast at


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    December 14, 2011 Animated Media Exhibiting at CES 2012

    Drop by to see our demos and talk to us about your next project! Animated Media will be holding Open House hours each day  from 10:00-11:30am & 1:30-3:00pm in our booth MP25350 @ the Lower South Hall Meeting Place. Follow us on Twitter for the updates or contact us by email to arrange a private meeting. Demos will include:

    • LiveMobile, our customizable native application that enables all things video (capture, playback, streaming, upload). This app can be "reskinned" quickly and used for varied apps such as in-field reporting or event-based video capture.
    • Auto Safety "Distracted Driving" App. More details in person...
    • Moving Flash Games to mobile devices including iOS & Android. We can help where Adobe failed. Create additional revenue streams for your Flash  content!    
    We've heard from customers and developers that they want to create one awesome User Experience and be able to deploy it  across screens - be it CE, mobile, tablets or broadcast devices.  This is a great way to  guarantee user satisfaction and loyalty and differentiate your apps so they get noticed. We can deliver that vision with our technology and expertise!  Read More...

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    November 11, 2011 Flash Player on Mobile to be Shelved

    WOW!  First thing in the office on Wednesday morning, we heard the latest news that Adobe would cease development on their Flash Player for Mobile.  This may be a surprise to some, but Animated Media saw this one coming. 
    Since our inception, we believed that Flash is a great authoring tool for stunning graphics, animations, and UIs, but could not deliver the best user experience across screens, especially on mobile devices.  We founded Animated Media and architected the VGK Platform to leverage the best of Flash, while enabling that content to run ultra-fast on low-power devices like smartphones and tablets (and other consumer devices), and across operating systems like Apple iOS and Android.  As system level software developers, we know how to optimize software for the target hardware and we bring this expertise to all of our projects and customers.  
    Despite the media chatter over the past year+ and the infamous Apple-Adobe fight, Flash content continues to be pervasive, particularly for digital advertising and gaming.  Animated Media's VGK Platform is more valuable today than ever before, because we have an innovative development suite that can support your Flash content natively on mobile and consumer devices going forward despite Adobe's path. 
    Come check us out if you want to preserve your investment or your clients' and customers' investments in Flash content.  See the e-blast at Read More...

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    October 11, 2011 Animated Media Contributes to Mobile Developer's Guide 9th Ed.

    Just released!  Check out the latest Mobile Developer's Guide to the Galaxy, 9th Ed., a project produced by Enough Software in conjunction with WIP, The Wireless Industry Partnership.  AMI's CEO, Chris Brady, authored the chapter on Flash.  10th Edition will have updates on Flash 11 and Stage3D.  Click on the PDF icon to download an electronic copy of the Guide. For more information on the see


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    September 8, 2011 Animated Media Participates in Ontario Mission to IBC 2011

    Animated Media has been selected as one of eight companies to partcipate in the Ontario Mission to IBC in Amsterdam, September 12-14, 2011.  We will be showing our latest demos as well as discussing how our technology works for the Connected TV market and how to effectively use apps on tablets for a great second screen experience. The Mission will provide AMI with new B2B introductions within the media and broadcast markets.    Many thanks to our friends at the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Trade for this excellent opportunity.  Read More...