AMI's demos are Flash animations and applications that have been created to demonstrate the diversity of our VGK Platform. Contact us to see if we have a demo that runs on your specific system configuration.

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  • Customizable & Animated Keyboard

    Animated Media has developed a fully customizable touch keyboard (keypad) component that can be integrated into any app.  Features include:

    • Support for special buttons, symbols & characters that aren't available on standard system keyboards and keypads
    • Implement any "look and feel" to the layout and keys
    • Use keyboard pop-up boxes to enable better usability
    • Include just the keys needed for your specific purposes
    • Change the text and layout dynamically and/or by user selection
    • Support different languages easily with one keyboard and changeable in real-time.  

    If you are interested in trying it out, send us a message through the Contact Us Form. 

  • LiveMobile Demo

    LiveMobile is Animated Media's customizable native mobile application that captures and manages videos in a animated UI.  This reskinnable app works on both Apple iOS and Android-based devices.  Native apps are the best way to access a mobile devices' hardware functions like the camera and accelerometer -- to enable this functionality.  Go to the LiveMobile tab under our Products page to learn more about the product.  We just added the demo video on our YouTube channel at  

  • Implementing Flash Animations in 3D Scenes & on 3D Objects

    This is an early demo showing animations on a moving menu selector in a 3D scene. We focused on implementing this capability in menus, but the technology can be used throughout your UI in apps and games. The combining of 3D objects with animations (& video) -- where 3D objects are "textured" with animations and move in 3D space -- brings an entirely new capability to UI design and enables countless more options for creating movement and interaction in an app.  This goes beyond the standard sliding and rotations. See

  • Bringing Flash to Life in 3D

    This early demo illustrates the use of AMI's VGK Platform to enable animations as a texture on 3D objects. We have imported a Collada 3D model and applied "animated" clothing to the Andy Android 3D object. The VGK Platform supports running animations in fully native apps with 3D GPU acceleration. This functionality can extend your UI and design options within a 3D world, virtual or augmented reality.  See

  • VGK Platform Running on Nuvoton Hardware Demo

    The demo shows Flash content (UI & animations) running on a low-power Nuvoton board, an ARM-based 240 MHz hardware system.  The Nuvoton hardware is a low-cost platform for consumer devices such as game/media players and toys.  See