About Us

Animated Media Inc. (AMI) is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and multimedia software solutions and app development services that support 2D & 3D graphics, video, animations, and audio using popular media formats such as Flash, SVG, and the Khronos Group's OpenGL, OpenGL ES and OpenVG APIs.  We enable our customers to create dynamic graphics for feature-rich applications. Our VGK Platform is an integrated development suite that enables rapid prototyping, fast and compact code development, and cross-platform support to quickly deliver multimedia content that is optimized for mobile platforms.

Our background in systems level and graphics software development gives us a competitive advantage over other providers as we know how to develop software for practically any hardware and software system combination. Our past work includes developing safety-critical cockpit display systems, so we are adept at developing software to the highest level of safety standards and requirements. We know how to optimize applications to balance CPU & GPU and memory to maximize performance and we can assist customers to design content that works optimally on low-power devices.

All of our products are developed with a modular architecture that provides a distinct competitive edge over other commercial solutions. We top that off by providing our solutions at a very competitive price point with a focus on high quality, professional management, and customer satisfaction.