VGK Platform for Apple Mobile Devices

Animated Media Inc. (AMI) today announced that its VGK Platform for Apple Mobile Devices is compliant with the recent change in the iPhone Developer Program License Agreement.  AMI's flagship product, the VGK platform, and our world interface modules (WIMs) act as a bridge between Flash content and the Apple devices, and does not use a virtual machine, interpreted code, or compiled scripting language.  AMI's experienced application and system level developers architected the VGK platform in a unique way to solve ActionScript’s inefficiency of execution speed and memory requirements by implementing the equivalent code in Apple's native Objective-C, C, C++, and OS APIs.  By removing the ActionScript engine, the memory footprint is a fraction of what it was and the performance is dramatically improved.  These factors result in an efficient native iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad application that runs faster and preserves battery life. Click here to download PDF of this article.