mHealth Games & Apps

Mobile Health Apps,Testing & Games:  Enabling health organizations to create engaging mobile apps, clinical tests and assessments, and games for patient healthcare.

Animated Media offers native mobile applications development and tools that enable health apps, testing, and games on smartphones and tablets like the Apple iPhone/iPad and Android devices. We bring advanced multimedia support including video, audio, 2D & 3D graphics and animation, multi-language support, connection to sensors, other hardware and input peripherals (e.g., scanners), network and server communications, and APIs to connect to the popular healthcare systems. We can create rich and engaging User Experiences that can be deployed across screens.

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Examples & Supported Features:
  • Gamify healthcare clinical testing, patient training and education, patient treatment and therapy, in office or at home
  • Apps for patient tracking and monitoring, reminders, how-to’s
  • Brain/cognition games and testing with detailed data capture, automated analysis, feedback and reporting
  • Randomization of testing and games with a database of content
  • Thoughtful and accessible user interface design and instructions that enable quick adoption for all types of users
  • Use of device features like touchscreen, customizable keyboards, camera, audio, GPS, Bluetooth, accelerometer and gyroscope
  • Wi-Fi access to websites within an app
  • Existing development components can be adapted quickly
  • Support for Android, Apple iOS, Linux & Windows