Other Industries

The VGK Platform has been ported to many different systems ... desktop to mobile to embedded.  AMI can support any number of industries that require rich multimedia applications.  Markets include automotive, broadcast, digital signage and kiosks, and industrial automation (elevators, HVAC control systems, home automation, security systems).

Key Advantages:

  • Use popular authoring tools with wide network of developers worldwide
  • Tested on the desktop with identical deployment to the target system
  • Fast prototyping
  • Throw out the proprietary and incompatible 2D UI toolkits
  • Tuned for 100 MHz CPUs and basic 2D software rendering functionality


  • Visually appealing UIs
  • Visual or audio impairment accessibility designs
  • Support multi-language functionality
  • User-configurable skinnable interfaces
  • Digital signage in multiple markets