Unveiling our latest VGK Platform Engines for Animation & 3D

Over the past year, we have extended our earlier work to mesh 3D and 2D and today we unveil the latest VGK Engines to be added to the VGK Platform with prototype applications.  The VGK Animation Engine extends our original Flash Animation Engine by supporting animations on 3D Objects as well as implemented on dynamic or point-to-point pathways.  The VGK 3D Engine supports multiple 3D Objects on the 3D Stage. In our prototype application of a driving track, these 3D Objects include vehicles with textures, roadways, buildings, street signs, trees, and billboards displaying animated advertisements.  

Key Takeaways:
  • UI authoring in 2D to create 3D Objects on a 3D Stage
  • Changes to the UI do not affect or require changes to the application source code
  • The new VGK Animation Engine supports animations on 3D Objects
  • The new VGK 3D Engine dynamically creates a 3D Stage
  • These new Engines are part of the production version of the VGK Platform
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