Flash Player on Mobile to be Shelved

WOW!  First thing in the office on Wednesday morning, we heard the latest news that Adobe would cease development on their Flash Player for Mobile.  This may be a surprise to some, but Animated Media saw this one coming. 
Since our inception, we believed that Flash is a great authoring tool for stunning graphics, animations, and UIs, but could not deliver the best user experience across screens, especially on mobile devices.  We founded Animated Media and architected the VGK Platform to leverage the best of Flash, while enabling that content to run ultra-fast on low-power devices like smartphones and tablets (and other consumer devices), and across operating systems like Apple iOS and Android.  As system level software developers, we know how to optimize software for the target hardware and we bring this expertise to all of our projects and customers.  
Despite the media chatter over the past year+ and the infamous Apple-Adobe fight, Flash content continues to be pervasive, particularly for digital advertising and gaming.  Animated Media's VGK Platform is more valuable today than ever before, because we have an innovative development suite that can support your Flash content natively on mobile and consumer devices going forward despite Adobe's path. 
Come check us out if you want to preserve your investment or your clients' and customers' investments in Flash content.  See the e-blast at