Animated Media Exhibiting at CES 2012

Drop by to see our demos and talk to us about your next project! Animated Media will be holding Open House hours each day  from 10:00-11:30am & 1:30-3:00pm in our booth MP25350 @ the Lower South Hall Meeting Place. Follow us on Twitter for the updates or contact us by email to arrange a private meeting. Demos will include:
  • LiveMobile, our customizable native application that enables all things video (capture, playback, streaming, upload). This app can be "reskinned" quickly and used for varied apps such as in-field reporting or event-based video capture.
  • Auto Safety "Distracted Driving" App. More details in person...
  • Moving Flash Games to mobile devices including iOS & Android. We can help where Adobe failed. Create additional revenue streams for your Flash  content!    
We've heard from customers and developers that they want to create one awesome User Experience and be able to deploy it  across screens - be it CE, mobile, tablets or broadcast devices.  This is a great way to  guarantee user satisfaction and loyalty and differentiate your apps so they get noticed. We can deliver that vision with our technology and expertise!