Animated Media - Your Multimedia & Mobile Apps Partner

It's been a busy summer and we look forward to showing some great new demos this Fall.  We are particularly excited about a recent app project that involved implementing mini games and puzzles for Android.  With our tools we were able to develop many of these mini games in 2 days or less, making for a very happy customer and fast development cycle.  

We continue to create new and varied apps with our VGK Platform ... apps with enhanced multimedia capabilities and features like social media aggregation, video streaming, and fully customizable keyboards and keypads.  

We've built up a great repository of re-usable components that enable our customers to get apps developed at less cost and risk, with a faster schedule and cross-platform support.  These include components like LiveMobile, our customizable native application that enables all things video (capture, playback, streaming, upload -- uses could be in-field reporting or event-based video capture), and our latest Customizable Animated Keyboard. 

We are also enabling companies to move their Flash content and games to mobile (iOS and Android) so they can continue monetizing their investment in those assets.

Customers and developers are telling us that they want to create one intuitive user experience and deploy it across screens - be it mobile, tablets, PCs or TVs.  This is a great way to guarantee user satisfaction and loyalty, and differentiate your apps so they get noticed.  We deliver that vision with our technology and expertise!

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