Animated Media's LiveMobile is a cross-platform, customizable mobile application that manages video streams in a 2D & 3D user interface.  The application was built to capture video, enable image and text annotations, be saved locally to the device and selectively published to websites for sharing.  This native app enables a mix of native features with "web browser" functionality by enabling website login, downloading and parsing of HTML code.  The app can also access video websites such as YouTube, compile video lists and enable selection and playback of multiple videos.  This app, our VGK Platform and services bring together the best UI authoring tools and wen technology to support simultaneous live broadcast or streaming video, in-app advertising, and audience and social media interactivity in a single native app.


LiveMobile was used to create a mobile application for a Hollywood TV producer and can now be "re-skinned" quickly for other types of apps including those for TV shows, video applications, and other broadcast programs.


  • Video capture and simple video editing; saving to the local device.
  • Website interface to locate, login in, accept video submission terms and conditions, and upload videos.
  • Application monitors the status of submitted videos.
  • Application receives TV show information, promotional materials, and advertising.
  • Uses the VGK Platform for network, video, audio and UI functionality.
  • Easily implement social media interactivity like Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.
Camera Devices supported are:
  • Apple iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad with Wi-Fi
  • Google Android tablets/smartphones
  • Consumer portable digital cameras

Other mobile applications using the VGK Platform include:

  • Charity apps for social events
  • Animated 3D Virtual Pins - Andy Android 
  • A selection of pre-existing Flash Games