Mobile Apps Development

We license our VGK Platform development suite, as well as use it internally, to bring intuitive, compelling user interfaces (UI) to life quickly, with tools to implement communications with websites, computers, or cloud services over Wi-Fi.  We use the best authoring tools to create compelling UIs that are scalable to display beautifully on any screen size with natively fast performance.  Our background in systems level and 3D graphics development, allows us to provide hardware-accelerated performance and 2D/3D apps development.

We have the building blocks to develop engaging mobile applications that enable video capture and playback, upload/download of multimedia content to/from a website, add photo and text annotations, save the content locally and selectively publish it to websites for sharing, as well as Wi-Fi support to connect consumer devices inside and outside the home.  We support 3D UIs incorporating video from a website/camera, audio, accelerometer and touchscreen while simultaneously communicating with network devices to exchange information.  Our focus is on implementing these features in a beautiful UI that is optimized for the different display sizes or for rotation on mobile devices. 

Click here to download PDF of Animated Media Mobile Applications Brochure.