VGK Platform

The VGK Platform is an integrated software development suite that streamlines the user interface design process by using the best graphics editing software package for the job and enabling that content to run fast and across platforms with advanced features.  The VGK Platform is ideal for bringing video, audio, and animations into native applications and UIs and renders the multimedia content using the publically-available OpenGL* APIs and 2D APIs for stunning images with very fast hardware acceleration. The VGK Platform supports many advanced features including:

  • Allows multimedia (2D/3D graphics, video, audio) content to be fully integrated into existing applications
  • Runs multiple VGK engines and multimedia content in parallel
  • Input API modules manage and schedule multimedia content sourced from a variety of locations
  • Output API modules support 2D/3D rendering interfaces and multiple displays and/or devices
  • Connects data from specialized real-world field sensors to visualize data using animations
  • Direct C/C++ command and control accesses native OS APIs
  • Superior architecture results in very fast performance
  • Able to achieve crisp audio quality direct through the OS APIs
  • OpenGL GPU hardware acceleration*
  • Easy porting to a wide range of devices

With our background in graphics development, the VGK Platform was architected to support wide variety of advanced features, including advanced transparency, audio and graphics hardware acceleration, dynamic loading from multiple content sources and of multiple content formats, and display capabilities for multiple and simultaneous images, on low-power systems like smartphones and tablets.

* Please note: This product implements the published OpenGL® and OpenGL® ES APIs, but is not an implementation which is certified or licensed by Silicon Graphics, Inc. or the Khronos Group.