The Automotive market includes displays for a driver’s dashboard, infotainment consoles, rear seat displays, HUDs, and the electronics systems handling engine and vehicle sensors. Support for communications between portable devices that interact with the vehicle is also a benefit.

Key Advantages:

  • Build attention-getting graphics and UI for dashboard systems
  • Demonstrate levels of seriousness for engine sensors
  • Match haptic intensity to animation intensity
  • Onscreen user manuals with instructional how-to animations
  • Increase passenger (rear seat) infotainment options
  • High quality resizable graphics, text and numbers to suit driver’s preferences


  • Multiple display screens using one computer system
  • Safety critical sensor/driver displays
  • Driver and passengers infotainment options
  • User-configurable skinnable interfaces
  • Attention grabbing menuing systems
  • Telematics/navigation
  • Wireless in-car messaging